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The Seminole Nation 2016 Seminole Nation Days Letter to the Vendor, Vendor Application, and Vendor Rules

SEPTEMBER 16-17-18, 2016

The applications and information for the 2016 Seminole Nation Days Vendors is now available:

Return application to: Seminole Nation Days Vendor Committee, PO Box 1498, Wewoka, OK 74884. Payment MUST accompany completed application. Cashier’s Check/Money Order payable to: SEMINOLE NATION DAYS. No Personal Checks.
For more information call: 405.257.7242.


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Gathering of Native Americans Camp (G.O.N.A)

MSPI grant funded by I.H.S. Presents G.O.N.A.
Gathering of Native Americans Camp

Come be a part of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Healing Journey for Families
WHERE? Seminole State Junior College, Seminole, OK.

Register by July 22, 2016
Contact: Staff at A.S.A.P.
630 N. Main, Seminole, Okla.

Rooms will be available on a first come, first serve basis!!!

Check-in 6:00 PM Sunday July 24 2016
Check-out 10:00 AM Wednesday 27, 2016

Parent, Grandparent, Guardian required to stay with youth throughout duration of gathering.

Sponsored by: Methamphetamine & Suicide Prevention Initiative Project
Co-Host: Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (A.S.A.P.)

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Judgment Fund Clothing Assistance Program

To download the Clothing Assistance Program Application click the link below

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13th Annual Tinker Inter-Tribal Council Pow-wow

Honoring Our Veteran Warriors

Saturday, June 11. Program begins at 1 p.m.

Joe. B. Barnes Regional Park 

Midwest City, Oklahoma - 8700 E. Reno Ave.

(Between Midwest and Douglas Blvds on East Reno)

Free family fun. Open to the public.

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Seminole Nation Job Placement and Training Program


If you are Native American, 18 or older, live in Seminole County and plan to attend a Vocational -Technical School this fall, please call the Seminole Nation Job Placement & Training Program to see if you are eligible for financial assistance; while attending fulltime, part-time or short-term classes; the amount depends on the number of household members.

Our office is located at the Old Bingo Hall at the Mekusukey Mission south of Seminole.

For further information, please contact Dee Whitson – Employment & Training Counselor 405-234-5288

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