The Seminole Nation General Council is the legislative body for the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. The Council consists of 28 representatives; two from each of the twelve bands and two each from the freedman bands. Representatives are elected to the Council for a four-year term, through a general election held to coincide with the election of the Chief and Assistant Chief.

Council Representatives work as a body to pass resolutions and ordinances that govern the Seminole Nation and its members as a whole. Resolutions and ordinances that are to be presented at Council level are first reviewed at Band level where Band members are given an opportunity to discuss the issues and send their vote to the Council floor through their representatives.

The General Council meets four times at year in regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. These meetings are held at the General Council House on the grounds of historic Mekusukey Academy on the first Saturday of March, June, September and December. In addition, throughout the year, special called or emergency called meetings may be held should a pertinent issue arise.



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