Alcohol Substance Abuse Program


The Alcohol Substance Abuse Program provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol program to assist American Indians and Non-Indians with the opportunity to resist, reduce and prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

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Prevention is a community-base service, which includes the identification of persons at risk or developing problems relating to the use/abuse of alcohol/drugs. Services provided to individuals and /or groups include alcohol/drug education, the teaching of techniques for decision making and constructive processes to deal with stress, recreation, social activities, and cultural activities or events. Community Education is defined as the use of information, media resources, and skills development group to increase awareness of community members and employees of institutions, tribal groups, courts, religious organizations, social agencies and schools. Problems of alcohol/drug use and abuse, the availability of prevention and treatment resources, and techniques for motivating an individual into treatment are stressed.


ASAP will provide the following services

  • Intake, Assessment (SASSI only) & Admission

  • Transportation to and from treatment centers for ASAP Clients

  • Referral to short and long term Residential treatment facilities, Detoxification Centers and Halfway Houses

  • Individual Counseling

  • Outreach to provide prevention and education on substance abuse issues

  • Work with various court systems; juvenile and adult drug courts, community sentencing, community corrections, Anna Mcbride drug courts and Bureau of Indian Affairs court system

  • After Care

  • Treatment planning

Goal Setting & Achievements

  • Working with Juvenile Drug Courts - Counseling - Referrals - Treatment Centers

  • Advocating for Trouble Youths with counseling, or Treatment Centers as opposed to Lock-up Facilities or Detention Centers

  • Working with Schools in Seminole County in Educating Students on Alcohol/Substance Abuse

  • Working with Adult Drug Courts - Counseling - Referrals - Treatment Centers

  • Working with Judges in advocating for Native American to be sent to Treatment Centers instead of incarceration

  • Extending counseling services to individuals in conjunction with AA/NA

  • Educating Community on presence and Services of Alcohol Substance Abuse Program with Seminole Nation

  • Working with community to collaborate services

  • Working with Seminole Nation Programs to collaborate services

ASAP Staff

Amber Komahcheet - Director.             (405) 382.2743

Greg Palmer, Prevention Specialist

Jaylen Gover - Administrative Assistant