Job Placement & Training



Program Objectives

  • Provide assistance to help individuals obtain the skills for full-time satisfactory employment

  • Provide assistance to help people obtain and retain permanent employment

  • Collaborate with other programs to better serve our clients

  • Help adult Native Americans living in the Seminole County to obtain self-sufficiency

Direct Employment

The purpose of the Job Placement Program is to assist Indian people living in Seminole County who have a job skill to obtain and retain permanent employment.  The Program provides services that include vocational counseling, job placement and financial assistance.  Applicants must declare a desire and intent to accept and retain full time permanent employment.

Adult Vocational Training

The purpose of the Adult Vocational Training Program is to assist Indian People in Seminole County to acquire the job skills necessary for full time satisfactory employment.  Must be in need of training in order to obtain reasonable and satisfactory employment or underemployed and without additional training would result in extreme hardship for the applicant. It must be feasible for the applicant to pursue training. The participant must declare intent to accept full time employment aftercompletion of training.

Financial Assistance Available Through The Program

Applicant must remember the assistance provided is based on your assessment and availability of funds to help, not supplement an income:

  • A stipend every two weeks while attending full-time, part-time or short-term vocational programs. Amount is based on the number of verifiable dependants (AVT)

  • Financial Assistance before 1st full paycheck (DE)

  • Gas Voucher to help with fuel costs to and from place of employment (DE)

  • Work related attire related to employment (DE)

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Resident of Seminole County

  • CDIB Card and/or Tribal Enrollment Card from any Federally Recognized Tribe

  • Attending a full time, part-time or short-term vocational course or program (AVT applicants)

  • Obtain a full-time job, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance until you receive your first full paycheck (DE applicants) if you meet the guidelines.

  • Registered with Selective Services (only for male applicants)

  • Complete and sign an ISP (Individual Self-Sufficiency Plan) for all applicants

  • Assessment for all applicants to determine a need of financial assistance for Job Placement or Training

Application Checklist

  • A complete application as established by the service office

  • Copy of CDIB or Tribal Enrollment Card

  • Copy of a Driver License or Photo ID

  • Copies of marriage and/or Birth Certificates if claiming dependants

  • Proof of Residence

    • Copy of Current utility bill showing address and applicants name

    • Notarized Resident Verification form filled out by persons where applicant resides

  • Enrollement Verification and Class Schedule from Vocational School (AVT applicants)

  • Employment Verification Form filled out by Employer (DE applicants)

JP&T Staff

Sheila Hooper, Program Director

Dee Whitson
, Counselor