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Community Health Representatives

The CHR program is an Indian Health Service funded and directed program of well-trained team of para-professionals, community based, health care providers, who provide health promotion and disease prevention services in their communities. The CHR program activities shall be managed and carried out only by American Indian and Alaska Native governments and tribal organizations through legal (contract/grant/cooperative agreement (CA) arrangements with the Indian Health Service.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality outreach health care services and health promotion/ disease prevention services to American Indians and Alaska Natives within their communities through the use of well trained team of paraprofessionals (CHR's) as mandated by Section 107 of P .L. 100-713 dated November 23, 1988.

Community Health Representative Program:

Is a unique community based outreach program, staffed by a team of well trained para-professionals, medically guided, tribal and Native community people, who provide a variety of health services within American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Community Health Representative:

Is a tribal or Native community based, well trained para-professional, medically guided, health care provider, who may include traditional native mores (concepts) in his/her work and is funded with Indian Health Service (IHS) appropriations.

Program Priorities:

1. Home Visits

2. Health Promotion

3. Disease Prevention

4. Patient Care Services

5. Reporting (PCC)

6. Training


CHR Staff

Jerome Harrison, Director

Sandra Ackerman, Medical Support, Admin

Brooklyn Harris - CHR

Julie Babb - CHR


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