Head Start

The Seminole Nation Head Start/Early Head Start Program is a comprehensive program for low-income children and their families. Our program is funded to serve 123 Head Start children, 50 Early Head Start infant and toddlers, and 8 pregnant mothers. At least 10% of our enrollment opportunities are made available to children with disabilities. We serve 6 weeks to 5-year-old children at designated centers. Head Start receives 80% of the cost of the project budget from the federal Department of Health and Human Services and the remaining 20% (called non-federal share or in-kind) is generated locally from the grantee, parents, communities and organizations.

Seminole Nation Head Start/Early Head Start Mission Statement

Our priority as the Seminole Nation Head Start/Early Head Start Program is to provide a safe, loving, family-focused environment that supports a positive atmosphere and offers children the opportunities to explore, learn, and prepare for school-readiness.

Seminole Nation Head Start/Early Head Start Philosophy

Seminole Head Start/Early Head Start dedicates itself to providing a comprehensive child development program for eligible children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.  The program is designed to meet each child’s educational, emotional, social, health, and nutritional needs enabling him/her ability to learn and succeed.

The Head Start Program believes in the direct involvement of parents, guardians, and community volunteers as an integral part of the program. They give their time as well as donations of goods and cash.  This experience is beneficial to the program, the children, the families, and the volunteer.


Seminole Nation Head Start Annual Report

Seminole Nation Head Start has provided a comprehensive annual report for the public. Please click the link below to see this report which includes student progress, proposed budget, and kindergarten readiness information.

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