Johnson O'Malley


What is JOM?

Years ago, JOM was funded to provide operational support in which schools used funds to buy buses, school equipment, and more. The JOM program was redesigned to be a supplementary program instead of basic support program to provide special services to “meet the unique specialized needs of Indian children attending public schools”. JOM funds are supplementary and are not intended to take the place of federal, state, or local funds.

How does the JOM program work?

To receive contract funds, a state, a school district, an Indian tribe, or an Indian corporation may contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Broad general regulations outline the requirements for the contract, allowing the programs to be developed to meet local needs and differences.  JOM programs have been operated since 1995 under the student count freeze and since no new JOM programs have been awarded contracts.

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Program Goals:

Provide quality servies as the Contractor of Johnson O’Malley (JOM) and student related services to schools located in the area of jurisdiction: 2) manage all activities and their respective funding allotments such that each school receives their services with courtesy, promptness, and accuracy; 3)provide yearly traings to all Indian education committees and coordinators to ensure that all schools comply with Johnson O’Malley  (JOM) guidelines; 4) provide services that each student will be cognizant of their respective tribal entity and its related cultural attributes; 5) support and encourage parents to attend and take part in their respective school activities such as Johnson O’Malley meetings; 6)coordinate with other tribal education entities.

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School Contact List

Contacts for each school are as follows: (Updated JOM Coordinator List as of 10.2.18)

  • Bowlegs - Gloria Stanberry

  • Butner - Shelley Daniel

  • Justice - Kim Harjo

  • Konawa - Leander Yellowfish

  • New Lima - Elizabeth Griffis

  • Sasakwa - Donna Radford

  • Seminole - Joseph Blanchard

  • Strother - Thomas Wolfe

  • Varnum - April Harjo

  • Wewoka - Kevin Roberts Fields