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Judgment Fund

General Information

On September 12, 1990 the General Council approved a plan for use of the Judgment Fund Award. This plan, identified as the Usage Plan, states the monies shall be used to establish tribal programs and services for the people. (Title 18-A of the Code of Laws, Seminole Nation of Oklahoma).

It is the General Council's responsibility to develop an annual budget for funding all programs and services. It should be noted that the principle amount cannot fall below $35 million unless approved by two-thirds of qualified voters in a referendum election.

What types of Judgment Fund programs are available?

Effective Date


May 15, 1991

Burial Assistance

July 01, 1991

Elderly Assistance

August 15, 1991

School Clothing Assistance

September 01, 1991

Higher Ed/Vocational Scholarship Act

 (Vocational Training & Advanced Degree / Post Graduate

Continuing Education Portion Suspended)

Undergraduate Degree Scholarship  - Available

January 01, 1993-2012

Household Economic Assistance Program (Suspended)

 The Seminole Nation will continue to operate each program form year to year, providing that sufficient funds are available and the General Council budgets the funds for the programs. Programs are not designated to provide benefits to each individual each year. Instead, the programs have a limit for the amount of assistance, which may be received by an individual.

Who is eligible for Judgment Fund program benefits?

In order to receive judgment fund program benefits, a person must:

  • Be an enrolled member of the Seminole Nation; and
  • Be determined to have descended from a member of the Seminole Nation as it existed in Florida on September 18, 1823

In addition to these basic requirements, each program has its own eligibility requirements.

Charlotte Harjo Scholarship

The Charlotte Harjo scholarship may be awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in at least 12 credit hours while maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher or at least 15 credit hours while maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or higher for each semester in college. The award is based on enrollment and classification. The following documentation is required:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Seminole Nation of Oklahoma membership card
  • Typewritten essay (500-600 word - Size 12 font – Name typed and signed in top right corner of first page) describing your past accomplishments, future goals, tribal involvement, community involvement, etc.
  • Official sealed college transcript

What are the benefits and requirements of each program?

Clothing Assistance Program (CAP)

The School Clothing Program provides a grant to the parent/legal guardian of a student pre-enrolled or enrolled in and attending school. The student must be between the ages of four and nineteen years of age.

Effective March 1, 2014 the Clothing Assistance Program allowance amount has been reduced & application process dates changed. All eligible participants in Pre-K -12th grade will receive clothing benefits in the amount of $100 as funding permits.

Applications can only be requested between the months of July 1 - September 30 and will only be accepted between the months of August 1 - September 30. You can only apply once per school year.

We Encourage all eligible Tribal Members to Re-apply the EACH school year.


Allowance amount has been Reduced & Application Process Date Changed.   Effective Date: March 1, 2014.  This change is in accordance with tribal ordinance TO 2014-02.

Household Economic Assistance Program - Suspended

The Household Economic Assistance Program (HEAP) provides financial assistance per person with a one-time payment of $1,000 to eligible tribal members who reach the age of 21 years.

Elderly Assistance Program

The Elderly Assistance Program will provide financial assistance to persons who are at least 62 years of age with a one-time payment of $2,000.

Burial Assistance Program

The Burial Assistance Program provides a grant for funeral expenses of eligible deceased tribal members. In some cases the deceased may be eligible for benefits even though they were not a tribal member at the time of death, such as persons eligible for membership who had membership applications pending and children eligible for membership under the age of one year.

The grant amount for a stillborn or deceased under the age of one year old is the actual cost of the funeral expense not to exceed $800. The grant amount for a deceased over the age of one year is $3,000, unless the deceased was cremated, in which case the grant amount shall be in the amount of the actual cost of the burial, not to exceed $3000. A grant of $300 will also be paid to the responsible member of the family to cover miscellaneous funeral expenses.

Applications must be made within ninety (90) days from the date of death of the deceased.

Higher Education and Vocational Training Scholarship Act -  (Vocational Training & Advanced Degree / Post Graduate Continuing Education Portion Suspended)

The Higher Education and Vocational Training Scholarship Act (HEVT Program) provides assistance to eligible members attending vocational school, pursuing an undergraduate degree, or pursuing an advanced degree. A student who is pursuing an undergraduate degree or an advanced degree must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to receive the grant award. The HEVT program applicant must also meet other special eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are contained on the HEVT Program application form.

Effective Date: March 2, 2013.  This change is in accordance with tribal ordinance TO 2013-01

Undergraduate Scholarship Awards - Available

The total of all Undergraduate Degree Scholarship awards to an applicant shall not exceed $4,800.

Full-time students payments will be determined according to their status (ex: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) and according to class schedule. (Semester, Trimester, or Quarter.) See back of application.

Part-time students will receive $300 per semester, $200 per trimester, $150 per quarter, or the actual cost of tuition, books and fees, whichever is less.

Full Time Students Only & Award Amount Reduced           Effective Date: March 2, 2013.  This change is in accordance with tribal ordinance TO 2013-01.

Incentive Award - Available

In addition to a standard award, an incentive award is available to eligible undergraduate students. An applicant must carry fifteen (15) credit hours and have at least a current 3.0 GPA.

An applicant must apply after each grading period (semester, trimester, or quarter). Total of all Incentive Awards shall not exceed $4000. Amount of awards depends on status of grade period. See back of application.

Effective Date: March 2, 2013.  This change is in accordance with tribal ordinance TO 2013-01.

Advanced Degree / Post Graduate Continuing Education Award - Suspended

The total award amounts for Advanced Degree and Required Post-Advanced Degree Continuing Education shall not exceed $5100.

A person who has earned a bachelor's degree and is in pursuit of a master's degree, PH.D, Juris Doctorate degree, medical degree, pharmacist degree, or other similar type of advanced degree that is an educational program offered by an institute of higher learning.

Required Post-graduate continuing education consists of ongoing education activities, including short courses and seminars for (1) a person who possesses a degree, who is in a teaching profession or other profession requiring a degree, and who is required to engage in continuing education related to their profession by licensing requirements or other similar regulatory requirements, or a person who is in pursuit of an additional degree.

Effective Date: March 2, 2013.  This change is in accordance with tribal ordinance TO 2013-01.

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JF Staff

Madonna Williams, Lead Accountant and Clothing Assistance

JF Staff cont.

April Harjo, Account Clerk 1 Higher Ed/Vocation Programs, Burial and Elderly Assistance
Barbara Jefferson, Receptionist

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