Social Services

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The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma contracted Social Service Programs effective November 1, 2007. All services are provided in a manner designed to promote personal and family unity and economic and social stability working toward attainment of self sufficiency.

The Program Services of Burial Assistance (BA), Emergency Assistance (EA), and General Assistance (GA) are funded by Welfare Assistance Funds.

  • GA: A secondary source of financial assistance payments to eligible Indian individuals for essentials (shelter, food, clothing and utilities). GA is budgeted according to (1) the number of household members and (2) Living arrangements (whether you own, rent, or receive free shelter).

  • BA: Financial Assistance made on behalf of a needy eligible Indian person who meets the criteria to provide minimum burial expenses according to Bureau Payment Standards.

  • EA: Financial Assistance where an individual or family’s home and personal possessions are either destroyed or damaged through forces beyond their control.

  • Child Assistance: A secondary financial assistance to an eligible Indian person who meets the necessary criteria to provide minimum expenses for (1) Foster Care (2) Residential Care (3) Adoption Subsidy (4) Guardianship Subsidy (5) Special Needs and (6) Homemaker.

  • Adult Care Assistance: A secondary source of assistance on behalf of a needy eligible Indian person who meets criteria to provide minimum expenses for (1) Homemaker Service and (2) Residential Care (group home).

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): LIHEAP helps meet heating costs during the winter months and cooling costs during the summer months. For heating purposes, assistance may be applied to either natural gas, propane, wood or electric (if the home is total electric). Assistance for cooling is applied to electric. Priority is given to the elderly, disabled and households with small children. Benefit amounts are based on a matrix.

  • Emergency Tribal Assistance (ETA): ETA provides assistance to Seminole Nation Tribal members only. The funds are primarily designated (66.6%) for households situated outside the Tribal boundaries (the 76 other counties of Oklahoma and throughout the United States). The remaining 33.3% is designated for those within the Tribal boundaries. Income eligibility guidelines are relaxed to accommodate those who may experience a sudden or unforeseen circumstance or natural disaster. This program may provide emergency assistance for medical related costs, food, housing or utilities, employment related costs, natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances. Benefit amounts depend on the assistance required not to exceed $150 per individual and $200 per household.

*Request for Child Assistance and Adult Care Assistance are provided by the Social Service staff primarily through service only efforts and through coordination and recruitment of services from state and community services.

Additional Programs

Services to Children, Elderly, and Families: Program includes Child Protection and Adult Protective Services. Emphasis placed on case management and community involvement and awareness.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility for assistance or services is based on need. An applicant must meet all criteria of (1) Meet the definition of Indian as a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe (2) Not have sufficient resources to meet the essential need items (3) reside in the service area (i.e. Seminole County) and (4) Meet the additional eligibility criteria for each of the specific programs.


An in depth assessment and interview is conducted between the applicant and the social worker(s).

Upon eligibility being determined, a Case Plan is made with the applicant and agreed to through the development of an Individual Self-Sufficiency Plan.