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Vision Statement

To provide the safest, most economical and effective transportation network for the people, commerce and communities of the Nation and Seminole County.  The Seminole Nation Transportation Department strives to be an innovative and responsive leader in the transportation field.  We are a catalyst in meeting the transportation needs of our tribal members, their neighbors, local businesses and industry in the safest, most proficient manner possible.  The Department will plan and program roadway systems for the Seminole Nation to provide better roads throughout the Nation.

Mission Statement

The mission is to promote Seminole Nation and the County as a unique and distinctive place with a high quality of life and safe roads for our members.  The Department sets goals and makes policies related to coordinating the planning and development of roads for maximum flexibility in the use of construction dollars.  The Nation’s Transportation Department works cooperatively with all jurisdictions to plan and program improvements for safe roads and bridges to ensure a good road system.  The Department improves on what exists, listens to its Nation and tribal members, and is fiscally and financially responsible.


Mekusukey Mission Water Plan

The purpose of this study is to develop Stormwater Management recommendations for the Seminole Nation by implementing plans for development of land at the Mekusukey Mission Grounds.

The study site is located approximately two miles south and two miles west of the City of Seminole, north of SH 59, specifically in Sections 5 and 6 of T8N, R6E.

Hydro Appendix

Hydro Report

Hydro Figures

'12 Traffic Study


Map 21


MAP-21 stands for Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century. It is a multi-year transportation authorization bill that was signed into law on July 6, 2012. It focuses on infrastructure and the rules and regulations for the entire country.  It was created to provide funds, transform policy for investments in the transportation infrastructure and to streamline multiple programs.


Within the bill, there are sections which refer to tribal lands involving both transportation and transit programs. These tribal sections can be found when reading the PDFs regarding MAP-21 by searching for the word “tribal” within the document. The PDFs provided are both the full legislation and a summary version of MAP-21.

MAP 21 Signed

HR4348 Summary






Transportation Staff

Richard McCulley, Director

Jeremy Larney, Program Analyst

Denea White, Planner

James Narcomey, Traffic Operations Support Specialist