Tribal Enrollment

The Enrollment Office was established to:

  1. Assist in the enrollment of members who are descendants of Seminole citizens whose name appears on the final rolls of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, approved pursuant to Section 2 of the Act of April 26, 1906.

  2. Verify tribal membership of persons seeking services and benefits from other programs of the Seminole Nation - Judgment Fund, Family Services, Indian Child Welfare, WIA/TERO, BCR (auto tags), as well as Federal Programs - BIA, IHS, etc.Maintain all enrollment records related to tribal membership.

  3. Keep enrollees addresses as current as possible, as this is an absolute necessity for program planning, tribal elections, and emergency contacts.

Requirements for Tribal Membership:

  1. Request for Application Form - complete with signature notarized.
  2. Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) - Card and 8xl0" long form showing direct lineage to an original enrollee of the Final Seminole Dawes Roll by blood.
  3. Original State certified Birth Certificate.
  4. Copy of Social Security Card.
  5. Adoption/ Custody Records, if applicable, send legal documentation.
  6. If enrolling by mail, adult applicants will need to send a clear individual photo, size 3 x 5 or 4 x 6, along with their signature on a plain white sheet of paper.

Dual Enrollment:

Upon receipt of the required documents, and completion of the actual enrollment form the enrollment process begins. The Membership Code allows up to 90 days to process an application. Time can vary; tribes in which the applicant could possibly be enrolled must be contacted for enrollment verification. Prompt response is not always received. This verification is done to prevent dual enrollment.

New Tribal Membership Cards:

Tribal membership cards with a new design are now being issued.

We urge all tribal members to come in and update their address and telephone number.

Photo identification cards are replaced at no cost if you turn in your old card; otherwise, the cost is five dollars ($5.00).

Requirements for Freedman Cards:

  1. Enrollment application request.
  2. Copy of Social Security Card.
  3. Certified copy of "PATENT DEED RECORD" from the Seminole County Clerk, Wewoka, OK
  4. Unbroken Chain of Original Certified Birth/Death Certificates linked to the Seminole Freedman Descendant on the Patent Deed.
  5. Application for Membership 
  6. If enrolling by mail, a clear individual photo (passport size).

Administrative Appeals Board - Title 16 - Chapter 7

The Administrative Appeals Board hears all appeals regarding membership.

Applicants are sent a Notice of Issuance of Membership Card as well as Notice of Appeal Rights for Determination of:

  • Blood Quantum

  • Band Membership

  • Applicants ineligible for enrollment are sent a Notice of Denial of Application for Membership and Notice of Appeal Rights.

Who May Request Hearing Before Appeals Board (Title 22)

  • Person who has submitted an application and whose enrollment has been denied.

  • Person receiving a membership card who disputes the Seminole blood quantum or Band affiliation on card.

  • Person served with notice of disenrollment.

  • Person who is not permitted to apply for enrollment due to refusal to sign affidavit that he has never been a member of another Indian tribe.

  • The decision of the Appeals Board shall be final and shall not be subject to further review by any other State, Tribal or Federal government body or court.

Tribal Enrollment Files:
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